Working Poor in Pakistan
Author: Muhammad Mohsin Latif Kiani

The study is an attempt to investigate the problem of “working poor” in Pakistan, its determinants, brief profile and compare our results with “money metric poverty”. Although the issue of working poor is not new but nascent area of exploration in the realm of poverty and the study is a first attempt to hit the grounds in Pakistan. We have used PPHS-101 household survey data to meet overall as well as specific objectives of the study. Logistic regression model for overall sampled household and urban/rural sampled households are applied because of binary nature of our dependent variable i.e. working-poor. Empirical analysis testifies our hypothesis,where explanatory variables significantly explain the behavior of dependent variable. Supervisor:- Dr. G. M. Arif

Meta Data

Keywords : Pakistan, Poor, Poverty and Working Household., Work Status, Working Poor
Supervisor: Ghulam Muhammad Arif

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