Work-life Balance Of Micro-level Businessmen: Do Abusive Supervision, Stress, And Light Traits Of Personality Play Role?
Author: Sara

The present study analyzes the persistent increase of stress amongst private division startup and entrepreneurs of Pakistan and linking the variable of Light-traits of personality which helps employees to balance their work life and personal life activities. The affective event theory, many researchers explore the abusive behavior of supervisors which affects the work-life balance among small level business employees and the role of job stress acting as mediating relationship under this study concern. It is determining the effects of Light-Triad traits of individuals which compromising the Kantianism, humanism and faith in humanity. The method which is compromised by 157 small level businesses working at private sector. Data were collected by using online questionnaire form and on tentative grounds model was testified, measured by software SPSS version 25. The results show the abusive supervision enhances the work-life balance obliquely mediates between job stress. Furthermore, data shows that employees are highly influenced by Light-triad traits and have less chances to involve in work-life balance disturbance in work-life balance professional and personal work activities and responsibilities with regarding response to abusive behavior and have negative impact on those who are less influenced by Light-triad traits. The contribution of many researchers the abusive supervision that effects the work-life balance among employees. Moreover, the researchers indicate the association of Light-triad traits personalities with employees can help to manage the abusive behavior and minimize the risk of failure, job burnout and even though helps them to moderately handles their professional and personal life activities. Supervisor:- Hassan Rasool

Meta Data

Keywords : Abusive Supervision, Job Stress, Light-triad traits, Work-life balance
Supervisor: Hassan Rasool

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