Women Entrepreneurship: Current Status, Challenges & Opportunities In Pakistan A Case Study From Mianwali
Author: Asif Ali

Women empowerment can be achieved in many ways and women entrepreneurship is one of those ways. Women entrepreneurship can change women self-perception via providing financial security and decision making power. That is, playing multiple roles and multitasking allows women to generate sufficient amount of income and extend her decision making capabilities. However, the journey of women entrepreneurship is more challenging especially in developing countries as there exist institutional, socio-cultural and structural gender specific barriers that block the ways to women entrepreneurship. This study is an attempt to explore the current status of women entrepreneurship in Mianwali District and to identify associated challenges and opportunities. Two different research methods such as semi structured questionnaire for interviewing women entrepreneurs and focused group discussions have been used in this study. Study findings suggest that lack of access to financial resources, lack of social recognition and mobility, lack of decision making, lack of business skills, and less-dominating self-perception of women reflects the current status women entrepreneurship in Mianwali. Findings also suggest that an improvement in personal capacity of women is paramount to make life choices such as to become a women entrepreneur. Further, findings show that changing business environment can also attract more women entrepreneurs into the market. As an achievement financial security allows a women entrepreneur to perform other tasks efficiently and helps women to increase self-confidence and improve decision making abilities. Supervisor:- Dr. Rizwan ul Haq

Meta Data

Supervisor: Rizwan ul Haq

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