Women Empowerment through Employment in Rural Areas: A Case study of Muzaffargarh, Punjab
Author: Ijaz Hussain

Women Participation In Labour Force Is Imperative For Social, Economic And Political Development Of A Country. Women In Pakistan Are Marginalised In Social Sphere And Forced To Live Within The Confines Of Four Walls. Customary Social Structures And Lack Of Opportunities Badly Hurt The Freedoms Of Women In Pakistan. This Study, By Using Quantitative Research Techniques And Methodology, In The Underdeveloped South Punjab Region Of Pakistan Investigated The Relationship Between Empowerment And Labour Force Participation Of Women. The Sample Was Selected Through Two-stage Systematic Random Sampling Technique And A Questionnaire Was Developed To Collect Data From Four Villages Of District Muzaffargarh. Our Results Has Shown That There Is Significant Correlation Between Women Empowerment And Employment But Working Women Are Overburdened Because Of Their Domestic And Workplace Engagements. Local Governments Could Play An Important Role In Finding Ways To Release Their Burden. Supervisor:- Dr. Usman Mustafa

Meta Data

Keywords : Muzaffargarh, Women Empowerment, Women Participation, Working-Women
Supervisor: Usman Mustafa

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