Welfare Impact of Minimum Wage in Pakistan
Author: Allah Nawaz

Minimum wage law is the body of law which prohibits employers from hiring employees or workers for less than a given hourly, daily or monthly minimum wage. More than 90% of all countries have some kind of minimum wage legislation. Pakistan’s first minimum wage was implemented in 1992 and does not apply to agricultural workers and Newspapers. The first minimum wage was Rs.1,500 per month. It was raised in 1996 to Rs.1,650, in 1998 to Rs. 1,950, in 2006 to Rs. 4000 and is currently, as of 2010, at Rs. 7000 per month. The minimum wages (West Pakistan amendment) ordinance, 1970 is an Ordinance to amend the Minimum Wages Ordinance, 1961, in its application to the Province of West Pakistan. This Ordinance may be called the Minimum Wages (West Pakistan Amendment) Ordinance, 1970. In the Minimum Wages Ordinance, 1961, after section 9, the following new section was added: The Provincial Government may, by notification in the official Gazette, appoint any person to be the Authority for any area specified in the notification to hear and decide all claims arising out of non-payment, or delay in the payment of wages to workers in that area whose minimum rates of wages have been declared under the provisions of this Ordinance. This Ordinance was promulgated by the Governor of West Pakistan on 14th April, 1970; published in the West Pakistan Gazette (Extraordinary), dated 20th April, 1970, pages 677-680; saved by Article 281 of the Interim Constitution of Pakistan (1972); and, validated by the Validation of Laws Act, 1975 (LXIII of 1975). Supervisor:- Dr. Zafar Mueen Nasir

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Keywords : Minimum Wage, Wages-Pakistan
Supervisor: Zafar Mueen Nasir

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