Quantifying Vulnerability To Climate Change
By:Arif Fazal Rahman
Supervisor: Aneel Salman
Measuring Agriculture Productivity in Pakistan
By:Naeem Akhtar Javed
Supervisor: Usman Mustafa
Impact Evaluation of the Socioeconomic and Agricultural Productivity of a Mini Dam: A Case Study of Kawas Dam, Ziarat, Baluchistan
By:Mohammad Zohaib Saeed
Supervisor: Usman Mustafa
Dynamic Effects of Monetary Policy on Macroeconomic Variables in Pakistan
By:Kashif Munir
Supervisor: Abdul Qayyum
Household Saving Behaviour In Pakistan
By:Umbreen Iqbal
Supervisor: Zafar Mueen Nasir
Modelling the Demand for Bank Loans by Private Business Sector in Pakistan
By:Faiza Hassan
Supervisor: Abdul Qayyum
Land Distribution and Agricultural Productivity: A District level analysis of Punjab province
By:Sobia Saeed
Supervisor: Munir Ahmad
Stringent Environmental Regulations And Trade Competitiveness
By:Bushra Hassan
Supervisor: Rehana Siddiqui
The Nexus Of Government Spending And Economic Growth: Evidence From Pakistan And Saarc Region
By:Rabia Saba
Supervisor: Zafar Mueen Nasir
Investigating Opportunity and Grievance as Drivers of Violence: A Case Study of Pakistan
By:Laila Sohail Farooq
Supervisor: Muhammad Idrees Khawaja
Impact of Economic Growth and Population on Environment
By:Khurram Shahzad
Supervisor: Rehana Siddiqui
Emigration and Trade Creation in Pakistan
By:Noureen Fatima
Supervisor: Zafar Mahmood