Time Management and Students Academic Achievement in Higher Education Institutions: A Case Study of Islamabad
Author: Aqsa Ashraf

The purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship of time management and academic achievement in higher education institutions in Islamabad. The target population was students of economics Department in final year. A close ended questionnaire was used for collection of data. Students were unit of data collection. The study is based on quantitative approach. Data analysis was done through descriptive statistics to obtain the quantitative results, using the tabulation and frequencies and percentage units. The study has also used OLS ordinary least square Regression to investigate the influencing factors of academic performance of the students at Higher Education Institutes of Islamabad. The study found that Time management for self-study is positively associated with academic performance but students studying in Groups have opposite and adverse association of time management with academic performance in this case. The study concluded that time management for study related activities are influencing students‟ academic performance positively and day planning has also significant impact on students‟ performance if it is specifically for studies related to students course work. Dr. Muhammad Jehangir Khan

Meta Data

Keywords : Academic Achievement, Islamabad, Time Management
Supervisor: Muhammad Jehangir Khan

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