Psychosocial And Economic Consequences Of Armed Conflict In Mandhol Poonch Sector AJK
Author: Saima Mustaq

Conflict is defined as serious dispute, clash and disagreement between two parties. The struggle and clash between two opposite parties to gain power and property. The purpose of study is to find out the socioeconomic and psychological consequences people are facing on LOC. The population of the study was 200 houses on LOC and I was taken 30 houses for questionnaire. Researcher was taken five in-depth interviews from those people which were affected due to firing on LOC. Data will be collected through non probability sampling method. Purposive sampling will be use as a sampling technique. In the studies researcher was used percentile analysis for the purpose of find out results. The current study is found out that the people who lived on LOC were facing more problems. They face displacement issues, economic losses ad also technology gap. Children were major victim of this scenario and they faced psychological issues, they were not able to focus on their studies due to armed conflict. Supervisor:- Dr. Muhammad Jahangir Khan

Meta Data

Supervisor: Muhammad Jehangir Khan

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