The Role Of Migration In Changing Identity Of Dom Community In Hunza
Author: Irfan Ud Din

Undue renunciation in a society triggers anomalies and one of such kinds is marginalization. Hence, marginality compels individuals to move from one place to another. Whereas, these physical movements influence identities to melt, as well as help to construct and alter identity. Historically, the alien Bérićo/Dom community endured unpleasantries for centuries and their socio-cultural and structural role remained under influence of traditional hierarchy. Hence, such influences sketched marginal lines in a society of Hunza. Scattered Bérićo people in Hunza are facing social injustice in socio-cultural and structural boundaries. Particularly, the Bérićo community has always remained marginalized in Hunza and various regions of Gilgit-Baltistan. Hence, past and contemporary cultural, social and structural marginal statues are discussed under purview of Bérićo and rest. Moreover, the role of migration patterns and change in traditional identity are purposefully analyzed and elaborated. For the persistence of this research, qualitative research strategy is adopted and further studied. Research Methodology involves various forms of data collection, analysis and interpretation according to the proposed field of study. The data from 23 interviewees with the help of in-depth semi-structured interviews and group discussions are conducted to get diverse perception regarding Bérićo. Purposive sampling is used to get primary data. Whereas, data is analyzed through lens of thematic approach and multiple themes are further generated. The study shows that marginalization has a greater impact on migration. Whereas, migration acts as a catalyst to alter the identity of individuals. Once close-in Bérićo are now scattered inside and out of Hunza with changed identity. At large, the absolute necessity of time is to preserve cultural aspects such as Bériski language and traditional music. Whereas, further acceptance of tribal diversity can enrich social bonds in society that may result in strengthening various identities. Lastly, studies on changing identities can be broadened through consistent and confluent efforts of both indigenous and foreign scholarship. Supervisor:- Dr. Zulfiqar Ali

Meta Data

Supervisor: Zulfiqar Ali Kalhoro

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