Role Of Activity Based Teaching In Learning: A Case Of Selected Private And Public Schools In Islamabad
Author: Amna Batool

Activity based learning as an effective learning method which develops the student skills like motor skills, cognitive skills, and intellectual skills. Primary level is the most important stage for children development. That is why the role of teachers and schools is very important. Earlier people used the traditional method of teaching children in which the learning skills of the children were not developed well. At that time, the teaching style started to change and the activity based learning (ABL) method started to be used. In this enduring study researcher has given some tips on how to improve the practice of ABL method in primary schools. This study used a qualitative approach by using convenience sampling technique and data was collected by interviewing 60 participants in which 30 were parents and 30 were teachers from 10 different public and private schools because teachers and parents both play a vital role in children development. The results indicate that the most of the schools are just good at learning by rote and memorization method and teachers are using medieval teaching techniques. The teachers teach an entire lesson to the students without having a discussion or session of questioning with them. The teaching-learning process is absolutely one sided in these schools. Teachers are not concerned about the conceptual understanding of the students. There is an immense lack of practical work, critical thinking, creative activities, motivation, cooperation, class presentations, oral testing, multimedia, dramatic and sports activities in these schools. The Students are neither given adequate opportunities, nor are they encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities. These things are neither mandatory, nor graded here. There is no effort regarding developing creative skills in the students. The class presentations are not mandatory, and no teacher takes them. The schools are not provided with sports equipment. Students should be encouraged to work in groups. However, duty of teacher is to make groups carefully or to mix the weak and intelligent students in small groups. It is important to highlight the fact that teachers role in activity based teaching method is different from the role they play in traditional teaching method of teaching Supervisor:- Dr. Usman Ahmad

Meta Data

Supervisor: Usman Ahmad

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