The impact of Work Family Facilitation on Job Satisfaction and Moderating effect of Work Engagement
Author: Mazhar Ibrar

There are limited resources and needs of people are large which can’t be fulfilled by these limited resources therefore the economic problems arises. It’s essential to allocate these limited resources efficiently and effectively. The concept of scarcity shows the imbalance between needs and wants of human, or when a person have unlimited wants and limited needs. This scarcity shows that it’s not possible to achieve all goals at a time, we may have one thing or other. The term post scarcity economics is used to show this concept. Lionel Robbins, showed the definitions of economics as a science, consider the behaviors of human strongly linked with the end and means of alternative resources. Now the point arises of scarcity, if it is observed in economic context than the focus is towards these limited resources. Other factors like lack of riches and wealth are not main factor in this context. These limited resources which cause scarcity creates inputs of production such as labor, land and capital. Between these limited resources, people must take decision of choosing particular items effectively. Because these resources are not in large number to fulfill their all needs. The limited resources include limited time and energy. The employees have limited time in which they manage both work and family responsibilities and it effects job satisfaction negatively. Supervisor:- Miss Mariam Mohsin

Meta Data

Keywords : Family Facilitation, Family Work, Job Satisfaction, Work Engagement
Supervisor: Mariam Mohsin

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