Impact Of Multicultural Workplace Environment On Interpersonal Conflict: The Moderating Effect Of Power Structure In International Ngo’s Of Islamabad, Pakistan
Author: Sadaf Ambreen

Technically it means submission to the will of Allah, The Creator. The “Muslim” word derived from “Islam”. The person who accepts and followsIslam is Muslim. The Muslim who accepts the will of Lord has confidence that Allah is only entity free from mistakes. The word (Aslama) is the verbal form of Islam. It means he/she has submitted himself/herself for the will of Allah. The word (Salam) means security or peace. Both words Salam and Islamderived from (silm)which means peace, security, tranquillity etc. Everybody wants peace in life but actually how many persons will get it? Why most of the people don’t have peace in their life because these all want to spend their life according to their own will instead of Allah’s will. Only the Allah knows the way of peace in life. It comes when we totally and completely submit our will to the will of creator(Allah). The whole creation obeys the creator.

Meta Data

Keywords : Conflict vs Interpersonal Conflict, Culture vs Organization Culture, Workplace Diversity
Supervisor: Mariam Mohsin

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