The Impact of Marketing & Selling Promotion on Sales Revenue of the Pakistan State Oil
Author: Tahir Zaman

Marketing is the research and management of business relationships, on the other hand, promotion is what makes a product or service appear and appealing to customers. A good example of this relationship is club promotion. The purpose of the paper is to define the ‘Impact of Marketing and Selling Promotion on Sales Revenue of Pakistan State Oil (PSO)’. We will be specifying the impact of marketing and sales promotion on sales revenue in the context of PSO in this paper. It will be highlighting the importance or effect of sales promotion and marketing on the sales revenue of the selected company. However, the project research question for addressing the problem can be designed as: What is the main impact of marketing and selling promotion of PSO on its sales revenue? The answer to the question is based on reveling positive and strong relationship of selling promotion and marketing with the sales revenue. Primary survey has been used and the sample of 50 marketing representatives and 50 finance department members have been taken from PSO. Frequency analysis and correlation analysis has been used with the help of SPSS and MS Excel. The relationship between each of the variables can also be defined in a way that sales revenue is 79% associated with selling promotion, and 71% associated with marketing. The key findings is in support of the statement that selling promotion and marketing, both impact and accelerate the sales revenue of PSO. Supervisor:- Ms. Fizza Khalid Butt

Meta Data

Supervisor: Fizzah Khalid Butt

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