The Community health workers in Khyber Agency FATA: Existing Status and Challenges
Author: Haroon Afridi

Health is one of the basic human needs. Inadequate health facilities and lack of sound working environment result in issues and problems both for health workers and beneficiaries (community). Despite voluminous literature on the issues and problem faced by health workers both in developed and developing countries, still there remains gap to be addressed regarding the issues and problem faced by health workers. Throughout Pakistan, studies are carried out to bring into focus the initiatives taken for promotion and delivery of health care services both in rural and urban areas. However, rural areas are mostly under-reported in context of issues faced by health workers especially in tribal areas of Fata. The reasons vary from law and order satiation to terrorism and other include geographical location and culture etc. This study is focused on exploring the different issues and challenges faced by the health workers in delivering health care services in Khyber Agency. Among these issues, geographical barriers, work environment, cultural barriers, infrastructure related barriers, barriers related to CHWs training and skills, transport related barriers, and supply related barriers are highlighted and investigated. To this end, qualitative approach is used by making use of semi-structured interviews, focus group discussions, and personal observations to understand the prevailing conditions and situations in the chosen Union Councils and BHU. The research found that community health workers face difficulties in delivering health care services. These difficulties not only hinder their services delivery but they also have tarnished a bad image of the community health workers in the chosen study area. Similarly, the study found that community perception and frustration resulted due to negligible health services and inadequate resources allocation to the chosen locale. This research aims to stress on the urgency of addressing the iii issues of both community health workers and community through health services delivery and creating a milieu of trust via awareness raising. Supervisor:- Dr Anwar Hussain

Meta Data

Keywords : Culture, Geography, INFRASTRUCTURE, Work Environment
Supervisor: Anwar Hussain

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