Pakistan As A Socio-Cultural And Political Space And Location Of Minorities Within It: Locus Rawalpindi- Islamabad
Author: Farhan Tahir Nawab

This dissertation has based on primary as well as secondary data. The primary data was collected from several different locales within the larger area of Rawalpindi-Islamabad in the year 2016. The research presented in this dissertation aimed at studying the political legal rights granted to religious minorities in Pakistan by the Pakistani state. It also tried to figure out any gaps in these statutory rights. Furthermore, it also tried to capture the perceptual and experiential reality of their existence on part of the religious minorities and see how the everyday cultural practices and the domain of education contributes towards their present status. The techniques used for primary data collection in this research include census forms, semi-structured interviews, key informant interviews and focus group discussion. The units of data collection for this research included common people from Muslim, Hindu, Christian and Ahmadi community from Pakistan, religious scholars from all of these communities as well as politicians of the liberal and religious political parties of the country. Also included in the units of data collection were lawyers with expertise in minority laws. The major findings of this dissertation include a) there is major contestation between Muslims religious scholars and minority religious scholars on the issue of true religion, b) there is a schism in the opinion of liberal politician and politician from religious party. The former wish to see Pakistan as a secular state while the latter believed that Pakistan was created to be a theocratic state, c) there is discrimination against religious minorities when it comes to the issue of political participant and representation of the minority groups in national politics, d) there are some laws to include 295 C that endangers religious minorities and put them at severe disadvantage, e) there is massive everyday socio-cultural discrimination against and maltreatment of religious minorities by Muslims Supervisor:-Dr. Huma Haque

Meta Data

Keywords : Cultural Discrimination, Legal Discrimination, Pakistani Movement, Religious Discrimination, Religious Minorities, State Identity
Supervisor: Huma Haque

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