Sustainable Housing Affordability By Using MCDM Approach: A Comparative Analysis Of Pakistani Provinces
Author: Kinza Tahir

The objective of this study is to do a comparative analysis of all the provinces of Pakistan including the rural and urban areas by using the MCDM (Multiple Criteria Decision Making Approach) and its four methods including TOPSIS, COPRAS, WSM and, WPM. The data for the study is taken from the different surveys conducted in 2018-19 from PSLM, HIE, conducted by the PBS. The findings showed that Punjab is the best province among all based on housing affordability including a factors (e.g. expenditure on housing and incomes of the people are better than other provinces) secondly in terms of sustainable communities (e.g. availability of schools, hospitals, transport, employment opportunities) are better in Punjab. Then Sindh is on the second number. Baluchistan is on the last number and KP is on the third number while considering all the factors. Supervisor:- Dr. Farhat Mahmood

Meta Data

Supervisor: Farhat Mahmood

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