Socio-economic Impact Of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC): A Case Study Of Gawadar Port
Author: Ghulam Yaseen

The mega-development projects like seaports, barrages, infrastructures, railways, airports, etc. offer better occupation chances and better-quality of life within the country. The government of Pakistan has made a variety of efforts to succeed in bent the people of Balochistan. Especially, after the launch of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) in 2015, there has been a positive impact on the social as well as the economic life of the surrounding people. sometimes due to inadequate arrangement often make the affected people displaced and unemployed for the rest of their life. This study was conducted in the Gwadar region and focused on the socio-economic impact of CEPC. Using multi-stage sampling techniques, 500 respondents were selected as samples from two-node cities. The questionnaire was used to collect primary data. The research results indicate that CPEC may be a catalyst for Pakistan to improve its socio-economic conditions and achieve sustainable development. The survey participants agreed that CPEC will improve Pakistan’s socio-economic paradigm and help to achieve the sustainable development goals. Overall CPEC has a positive impact on their lives however, some of the respondents are badly affected which are necessary to be covered in future studies. Supervisor:- Dr. Amir Khan

Meta Data

Supervisor: Amir Khan

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