Socio-economic And Politico-legal Rights Of Women As Defined By Islam And Its Impact On Women’s Status In Pakistan: Locus Islamabad
Author: Akash Baryalay

This dissertation is based on 4 months of field work and several months of desk review. The field work was conducted in rural and well as urban Islamabad. It aims at understanding the perceptions of Muslim women of the type of rights given to them by Islam. It attempts to connect these perceptions with the experiential reality of these women in rural and urban Islamabad. Another thing that it work does is to put forth the perceptions of contemporary Ulema of Shia Sunni and Deobandi sects in Pakistan about women rights in Islam. The study uses descriptive research design. Methods of data collection used in this research include censes form and semi structure interview. Supervisor:- Dr. Huma Haque

Meta Data

Keywords : Experiential Realities, Gender, Perception, Women in Islam
Supervisor: Huma Haque

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