Maternal Health Care Seeking Behaviour and Preferences for Places to Give Birth: A Case Study of District Kotli Azad Jammu and Kashmir
Author: Muhammad Asif Jahangir

Maternal health name explains the definition of the word; it refers to the health of women when she is pregnant, during the postpartum period and in the childbirth. It is very challenging and fulfilling experiences for women with ill health and it associate even with death. Maternal illness means the birth defect the new baby born with or chronic health problem of new born baby. Other illness like diabetes, cytomegalovirus etc also can cause negative impacts to pregnancy. UN Inter Agency at all data shows that from 1990 to 2015 the global maternal mortality decline from 385 deaths per 100,000, but still under developing countries have high level of maternal deaths. Although allot of work has been done to overcome on the maternal health issues but still the issue need a serious attention of the governments and stakeholders to facilitate the issue. According to UNICEF death during pregnancy has decrease from 532,000 in 1990 to 303,000 in 2015. But still 800 females dies due to delivery complication and childbirth, and each mother who dies due to maternal complication approximately 20 others suffers from serious disabilities, injuries and infections. Almost 99 percent maternal death occurs in developing nations, 88 percent maternal death in the world occurs only in two developing regions Sub Saharan Africa and South Asia, fronting the maximum maternal death ratio, 546 out of 100,000 live births and 201,000 maternal deaths in a year in these to region. South Asia has 66,000 maternal deaths per year, its 22 percent of the total global maternal deaths, although its numbers varies with countries and regions. In 2015, compare to high income level, lower income countries have 1 in 41 maternal deaths in lifetime risk of maternal death and in high income level of countries have 1 in 4900, where South Asia facing 1 in 200 in lifetime risk of maternal deaths. According to WHO 2017 report in 2016, 22 percent of the maternal death is due to untrained midwife, doctor or nurses and only 78 percent of the birth were in the presence of trained staff and doctor. Supervisor:- Dr. Muhammad Jahengir Khan

Meta Data

Keywords : Health Care, Kotli Azad Jammu and Kashmir, MATERNAL HEALTH CARE
Supervisor: Muhammad Jehangir Khan

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