Social Impacts of Tourism on Local Community. A Case Study of Swat
Author: Muhammad Abbas

Cultural tourism is consider to be one of the engine for financial development, job opportunities, and foreign direct investments, contribute to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of a nation and territorial improvement. Be that as it may, tourism as an agent of alter with multiplier impacts on socio-cultural, economic and ecological. In expansion, the introduction to new management, educational experience, job opportunities, and economic development positively affected the socio-cultural, and economic conditions of many countries. Conversely, tourism industry moreover generates a number of negative socio- cultural impacts on the local community. In this manner, the study was an effort to identify social changes and their impacts on the local community through cultural tourism in District Swat. The study primarily focused on the social changes/ impacts of cultural tourism and the attitudes of the local people in the development of qualitative tourism industry. A sample of 20 respondents was taken, five from each locality i.e. (Madyan, Bahrain, Malamjaba, and Margazar). The data collected through semi-structured interviews and discussions. The study identified, that local people have positive attitudes towards tourism and were in the good turn of qualitative tourism development in particular area. Typically since, tourism as a financial producing and labor seriously industry. Be that as it may, tourism industry has produced a number of negative and positive impacts to the ranges. It was proposed amid field visits, to have superior educational framework, awareness about tourism, security, healing centers and other facilities that boost up in tourism entries.

Meta Data

Keywords : Cultural Tourism, Local Community, Social changes, tourism
Supervisor: Zulfiqar Ali Kalhoro

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