Analyzing State and non-State Interventions in the Urban Informal Settlements & Livelihoods of Islamabad: Qualitative analyses of Katchi Abadis
Author: Abdullah Ahmed Ali

Islamabad has a lot of katchi abadis that is a name for informal settlements. People that have been living in these katchi abadis have faced a lot of problems due to the issue of legality. In the past the stance regarding state interventions have been problematic for the locals living in the katchi abadis, while lately post recognitions of these informal settlements as katchi abadis and colonies, people have faced state and non state interventions in the name of legality, help, upgrade, uplift and so on. To get a better understanding of these interventions three katchi abadis of Eissa nagri, Charles colony and Hansa colony has been selected for collecting data. Qualitative techniques of thematic and framework analysis, unstructured open ended interviews, socio visual mappings has been used in this research to get results. The results depicts that the interventions in the past has been very disturbing for the locals while the issues regarding post recognition interventions have not been up to the word of authorities due to lack of communication, proper policies and lack of resources. While the non-state interventions have helped for the basic survivability of the locals. This too hasn’t been up to the mark, seeing through the lens of basic rights and facilities that the constitution provides to each and every individual of citizen. These issues and problems can be catered through better policies which are recommended at the end of the thesis that includes better communication between the locals and state authorities through the means of non state entities, which would be helpful in undergoing transparent executions of policies from the authorities end and from the local’s end as well. This would also provide an indigenous knowledge, facts, and needs which would in return help in making better policies for the locals and the city. Supervisor:- Fahd Zulfiqar

Meta Data

Keywords : Encroachments, Formal settlements, Informal settlements, Katchi abadis, Non-state actors, Non-state interventions, State actors, State interventions
Supervisor: Fahd Zulfiqar

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