Role of Poverty in Fuel Choice and Exposure to Household Air Pollution. Does Information matter?
Author: Ayesha Ali

Household air pollution and solid fuel use due to poverty is responsible for a significant burden of disease in third world countries especially Pakistan. This study examined the association of household air pollution with poverty in respondence to cooking fuel choice. This paper also observed the impact of technological change on poverty alleviation with poverty status as independent variable. The data used in this study was taken from Pakistan Demographic Health Survey (PDHS) in year 2017-18. The selected dependent variable was cooking fuel choice which includes clean fuel and unclean fuel. The independent variable taken was poverty status of household which was estimated using Wealth Index. The potential control variables were taken as place of residence, demographic, human capital, social infrastructure and ICT. To examine the result, a series of Binary logistic regression model was used in this study for complex survey design. In Pakistan, almost 44.28% households use unclean fuel. The results showed that although poverty makes a major contribution in cooking fuel choice, some other factors such as household site, size of household, low level of human resources, as well as access to essential services are the crucial links. The information and technological factor can somehow reduce the level of poverty if household pollution exist in the case of Pakistan. Supervisor:- Dr. Nasir Iqbal

Meta Data

Keywords : Cooking Fuel Choice, Environment, Household Air Pollution, Information, Poverty
Supervisor: Nasir Iqbal

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