Role of Microfinance in Women’s Economic Empowerment: A Case Study of Muslim Colony
Author: Khadija Abdul Razzaq

Microfinance plays important role in empowerment of women, socially and economically. This research aims to investigate the role of micro loans in women empowerment. This research study is based on primary study which is composed with the help of interviews, conducted with beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries from the study area. The study has used thematic analysis and descriptive statistics to analyze the data. The study found that out of 20 women, who received loans from different organizations, only 2 ladies received education loans for their kids, 3 ladies received health loans and other received, business and marriages loans from microfinance organizations. The study found that microfinance is playing a very significant part in empowering women with respect to affording their children education, health and other expenses. The study found that women, after receiving loans, are treated more softly and are also encouraged to take part in social and economic activities for their household. Supervisor:- Dr. Muhammad Jahangir Khan

Meta Data

Keywords : Micro financing, Small loans, Women Empowerment
Supervisor: Muhammad Jehangir Khan

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