Relationship between Economic Growth, Energy, and Emissions: A Case Study of Pakisatn
Author: Sohaib Akhtar Kaleem

This study seeks to examine whether the energy consumption from different sources adds up to economic growth or halts the economic growth and are these different sources also cause the carbon dioxide emissions. The relationship between the energy consumption and economic growth is investigated with the other traditional growth model variables (i.e. capital, imports, inflation, labor etc). The relation for the carbon dioxide emission and different sources of energy consumption is investigated in the second model where the sources coal consumption, oil consumption and gas consumption are included to check the impact. The results suggest that the energy consumption takes parts in the process of the economic growth positively and significantly and the case of variables for the carbon dioxide emissions also suggests that these are contributing in the proce ss of increment in the emission production. The evidence is gathered through application of Autoregressive distributed lag (ARDL), Granger Causality, and Error Correction Mechanism Supervisor:- Dr. Usman Mustafa

Meta Data

Keywords : Economic Growth, Economic Growth-Pakistan, Emissions, Emissions-Pakistan, ENERGY, Energy-Pakistan
Supervisor: Usman Mustafa

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