Prospects of Hotel Industry in Hazara Region Under CPEC
Author: Armaghan Khan

The purpose of this study is to establish whether the opening of a new corridor and motorways that extends along the Northern areas of Pakistan has significantly contributed to the growth of hotel industry in the Hazara region. Some of the most important tourist Valleys in Pakistan, are in this region, such as Naran Kaghan, Nathia Gali Ayubia, Shogran Siri Payee Meadows and Thandiani. The E-35 Hazara motorway, also part of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) road network, is not only a faster and safer means of road communication for tourists but also provides a new gateway for hoteling and tourism industry, connecting to Gilgit Baltistan to Khunjerab pass border China. Using primary data, two questionnaires were used for the collection of data from the hotel manager/owner and tourist regarding their response on hotel industry growth in Hazara region under CPEC. Frequency distribution, percentage, graphs were used to capture social economic characteristics of tourists and hotel managers. Adopting multivariate analysis, two logistics regression were used one for manager response and second for tourist response regarding their expectation on hotel industry growth. Our result finds that there are high chances of hotel industry growth in Hazara Region under CPEC. Supervisor:-DR. USMAN MUSTAFA

Meta Data

Keywords : Binary Logistic Model, CPEC, Hazara Region, Hotel Industry Growth, Primary Survey, tourism
Supervisor: Usman Mustafa

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