Consumer Generated Online forums or Company Generated Online forums? The Impact of Online word of Mouth on Consumers’ Purchase Intention: A Study of Food Industry of Pakistan
Author: Qaisar Riaz

The impact of online word of mouth on consumers’ purchase intention is known as positive from many previous studies in the past. However, with the wide spread of internet, people got easy access to internet, due to which many online forums such as social media websites, blogs and review pages are developed, among which some are generated and owned by consumers and some are generated and owned by companies. In Pakistan now consumers are much aware and before purchasing food from the restaurants consumers usually go for pre purchase information search to avoid any unpleasant food gatherings. For this purpose there are many consumer generated forums such as S.W.O.T Islamabad and company generated forums such as websites and social media company owned pages that provide reviews and online word of mouth information to the consumers to make their purchase decisions. Therefore this research holds the purpose to get to know which one of the two online forums; consumer generated or company generated holds more impact of online word of mouth information on consumers’ purchase intention. To achieve this aim this study conducted a comparative analysis while considering two different online forums. To get this comparison done, data was collected through survey method and further analyzed by applying multivariate linear regression tests separately on both the databases of two forums. The results of the analysis revealed that the impact of online word of mouth information on consumers’ purchase intention holds greater impact when it is created on consumer generated online forums than that of company generated online forums. Therefore, this research contributed in the practical dimensions of online marketing and provided beneficial aspects to marketers. Also it paved a new path for future considerations while conducting new researches in the future:- Supervisor:- Ms. Fizzah Khalid Butt

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Keywords : ? The Impact of Online word of Mouth on Consumers, Company Generated Online forums, Consumer Generated Online forums, Food Industry of Pakistan, Purchase intention
Supervisor: Fizzah Khalid Butt

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