Political Economy Of Trade In Services: A Strategic Framework Of Liberalizing Trade In Services For Pakistan
Author: Ahmed Gulzar

Services were thought of non-tradable for a long time. However, in the era of globalization services sector is playing central role in the growth of GDP and is the significant contribution to the national economies especially in developing countries. Services have eliminated natural monopolies (telecommunications, energy) in international trade and opened up new avenues for the developing countries to match up with the developed countries in the shortest possible span of time. They are contributing a lot in creating cross-border trade and has made widespread liberalization in terms of FDI and cross-border mobility of factors of production (especially skilled labour) over the past decade. Supervisor:- Dr. Ejaz Ghani

Meta Data

Keywords : Economy Of Trade, Liberalizing Trade, Liberalizing Trade-Pakistan, Political Economy, Political Economy-Pakistan
Supervisor: Ejaz Ghani

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