Police Order 2002 And Institutional Reform: An Analysis
Author: Muhammad Zaman

The research focuses on PO 2002 and its attempt to reform the institution of police. The police force is one of the primary institutions and the most visible representative of a state that ensures law and order. In the subcontinent, the police force was established for the first time by the British through the Police act 1861. The purpose was to implement the law and to crush the public dissent against the Raj at that time. Somehow, this legacy of the police force carried on even after the independence of Pakistan. Many steps were taken to reform the police structure to make it more people friendly, rather than being a force of intimidation, and to turn it into a service delivery force but all of them proved to be in vain. The Police Order 2002 was the most concerted effort to address fundamental problems of the police system in recent times. The order vowed to devolve power so that police could be held accountable at the local level. The significant features of the Order are reassigning duties and responsibilities, separation of Police and Magistracy, putting an end to external influences that hamper the police performance, public participation to hold police accountable directly, establishing Public Safety Commissions to ensure public-police relationship to make police public servant, and separation of Ward and Watch thana, etc. The Police Order 2002 vastly amended the powers of previous structure of police. This research has eight chapters. Each chapter has its self-explanatory title. The methodology used for this research is qualitative because of the nature of the research and data collected from both secondary and primary sources (nine interviews conducted from experts). Themes derived from the expert opinion. It provides an overview of institutional reform and its analysis with particular focus on PO 2002. The research has analyzed the Police Order 2002 and how it had been derailed from its main purpose. Lastly, policy recommendations have been given in the end that emphasize a police force which is more attuned to public service, is autonomous and accountable. Supervisor:- Ms. Lubna Hasan

Meta Data

Supervisor: Lubna Hassan

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