Performance Evaluation Of Pharmaceutical Industry During Covid-19: An Analysis Of Return & Company Fundamentals
Author: M. Ibtasam Qayyum

The study examines the impact of covid-19 on the return of 12 pharmaceutical stocks listed at Pakistan stock exchange (PSX). The study has employed data from December 31, 2018, to March 31, 2020. For data analysis, event study methodology has been used. It is concluded that the average abnormal returns of the pharma companies are insignificant because market already was at its lowest point at 28764.63 (100 Index) before the announcement of covid-19. But the accumulative abnormal returns for all the companies are significant. It is recommended that investors have to take the long position in investment decisions because this type of abrupt and sudden events like Covid-19 do not have the long elastic effects on the stock markets. Supervisor:- Dr. Ahmad Fraz

Meta Data

Supervisor: Ahmed Fraz

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