Patient Satisfaction Outcomes: A Comparison between Public and Private Health Care Services in Islamabad
Author: Abida Bano

In contemporary times the hospitals are more concerned with the provision of quality services based on the patient’s preferences and the patient satisfaction outcomes. The satisfaction of the patients is majorly driven by the affordability, accessibility and availability of the services, and the patients are more likely to choose a hospital if these criteria meet their expectations. In this study we measure patient satisfaction level for six hospitals, three public and three non-public hospitals, in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The Primary data collection for this research was done through an adjusted patient satisfaction form (PSQ), by taking 250-300 expected sample size of patients, by using random sampling method for data collection. The questionnaire was categorized into seven portions; namely, general satisfaction (GS), technical quality (TQ), interpersonal aspects (IP), communication COM), financial aspects (FA), time spent (TS) and accessibility/availability (AA). The primarily results have shown that the patient satisfaction was highly ranked (mean=3.03) with a maximum of five for access and availability, interpersonal aspects was the second highest ranked (mean=2.66) in the entire sample. On the other hand, the financial aspects and time spent were lowest ranked, in terms of patient dissatisfaction or lowest satisfaction, with both ranked (mean=1.00) with a maximum five. In the overall finding, the technical quality and access and availability are highly significant as compared to the other items. The qualitative results of this research have shown that the patients highly recommended and suggested to increase medicine stock, improve doctor and staff quality as well as more accommodating attitude towards patients. The improvement in the above mentioned areas and through overcoming the shortcomings mentioned the expectation of patients is likely to increase patient satisfaction significantly. Based on the findings of this research, it is recommended that the hospitals should improve in the specific areas; of sitting area of hospital, cleanliness of washroom, cleanliness of drinking water (general satisfaction), time spent, financial aspects, interpersonal aspects and communication, where patients have reported with dissatisfaction, so as to improve the delivery of the services as per the patient’s satisfaction. Lastly there should be regular satisfaction audit of the hospitals. Supervisor:- Dr. Mahmood Khalid

Meta Data

Supervisor: Mahmood Khalid

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