Moderating effect of Change Readiness on Organizational Change
Author: Sadia Hayat

The objective of this thesis is to investigate the effect of change readiness on organizational change. This is done through the literature review and empirical analysis. Transformational leadership signifies the vital impact for effective management of transformational organizational changes. It is about the excellence that, in fact, so-called transactional management has missed to bring to an end of the transformational cycles with proficiency. An important part of this process involves developing measurements of the main constructs of interest; transformational leadership, organizational change and change readiness. In that case, the success in realizing transformational organizational changes means that the important people in an organization (managers) evolve set of suitable abilities and qualities that are representative to transformational leaders. Two fifty (250) survey participants were selected for this study applying convenience sampling. The survey participants from the Public sector (Energy sector) of twin cities Rawalpindi and Islamabad. In this study Organizational change questionnaire, change readiness and transformational leadership developed a five point Likert scale were used to examine the relationship with variables. The results shows that there is a positive statistical relationship between the variables Supervisor:- Fuwad Bashir

Meta Data

Keywords : ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE, Transformational Leadership and Change Readiness
Supervisor: Fuwad Bashir

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