Impact of Job Stress on Job Performance of Employees
Author: Ali Nisar

The study examined impact of job stress on job performance of employees of Public and Private Bank of Pakistan. The research study was conducted to find how job stress could affect the performance of the bank employees. Additionally, it recognized that Emotional Intelligence moderates the performance of employees being influenced by the job stress. The systematic sampling technique was used to select 300 participants for the study. Bank employees were found to have high emotional intelligence and job stress while achieved high mean score on the individual dimensions of emotional intelligence and job performance. The study clearly portray that job stress shows a negative association with job performance. The study clearly coined moderating effect of emotional intelligence on the relationship between job stress and job performance. Emotional intelligence and job stress is quite prevalent in banking sector. Study clearly illustrates that Non managerial bank employee’s shows higher amount of job stress as compared to managerial employees as they are working as middle and lower level employees and follows the work description provided by managerial. Further, study explain that Non-managerial bank employees are highly emotional intelligent as compared to managerial employees. Female bank employees generally show some reservations and fail to develop proper relations at work place. Supervisors:- Dr. Hassan Rasool

Meta Data

Keywords : Job Stress
Supervisor: Hassan Rasool

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