Modeling The Impact Of Exports On The Economic Growth Of Pakistan: A Super Exogeneity Analysis
Author: Ambreen Fatemah

This study is an empirical investigation to Export led Growth hypothesis in case of Pakistan by applying maximum likelihood methodology and error correction model along with Super exogeneity. Whenever an econometric model is used for policy analysis, it’s important to consider that the model is congruent and encompassing so that it conveys reliable inferences about policy responses in the DGP .Therefore, cointegration, invariance and exogeneity are focused The study proved that the exports are important and significant determinant of economic growth in Pakistan. The analysis also reveals that the exports along with labor force, investment and financial credit are important for the long run as well as short run economic growth of Pakistan. The parameters of dynamic model are found to be super-exogenous for the relevant class of interventions which indicates that the dynamic error correction model can be used for policy analysis. Supervisor:- Dr. Abdul Qayyum

Meta Data

Keywords : Dynamic Error Correction Model, Exports led Growth, Maximum Likelihood Estimation, Super exogeneity
Supervisor: Abdul Qayyum

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