Local Government System in low income communities in Northern Punjab: A study to analyze the perceptions of People, Politicians and Bureaucrats
Author: Hafsa Farooq

Local Government in Pakistan has proven to be an elusive concept. Historical analysis shows that local governments were somewhat strengthened during the rule of military governments whereas civilian governments did not accord local governments the importance that they ideally deserved. Various stakeholders, including the bureaucracy, local politicians and the general public, have been interested in the expansion/weakening of the powers of the local bodies system. With reference to this particular interest of the relevant stakeholders, this research seeks to identify and document their opinions and aspirations vis-à-vis the local bodies system. Other ancillary aspects of the topic have also been taken up during the research including the previous legislations formulated to implement local government system in Punjab. Supervisor:- Dr. Niaz Murtaza

Meta Data

Keywords : Bureaucrats, communities, LOCAL GOVERNMENT, low income communities, people, Politicians, Punjab
Supervisor: Niaz Murtaza

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