Linkages Between Education And Empowerment: The Case Of Kashmiri Refugee Women
Author: Ayesha Rasheed Dar

Of the many global issues that increasingly occupy international political decision makers and theorists, the world refugee problems is perhaps the most complex. While refugees as whole face different forms of exploitation in different parts of the world, among these it is among those refugee women who are most vulnerable to different forms of exploitation. Among female refugees, voices of Kashmiri refugee women have been left unheard or ignored. In a field survey comprising of four refugee camps, this research work tries to find the association between education of refugee women and their empowerment. Moreover, the factors which affect their education and empowerment in different spheres of life are also addressed. The concept of empowerment is multidimensional and context specific as well. Research has found that there is no linear relationship between education and women’s empowerment. The relationship between education and transformation at the individual and societal level is not necessarily linear or automatic. Unit of analysis is important in this regard and household-level characteristics, the external environment, level and quality of education, family structure including parental education and financial status is important in the assessment of women’s empowerment. Supervisor:- Dr. Feriyal Amal Aslam

Meta Data

Keywords : Educated Refugee Women, EDUCATION, Empowerment, Refugees, Uneducated Refugee Women
Supervisor: Feriyal Amal Aslam

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