Issues of Promotion of Cultural Tourism in Upper Chitral: A Case Study of Shandoor Polo Festival
Author: Minhaj Mujtaba

Heritage sport tourism has so far advanced its promising option for the sustainable development of tourism. An exploration of the relationships between culture, sport, and tourism is vital otherwise social losses due to sub-optimal performance on the part of heritage sport tourism cannot be avoided. Sporting events are often treated as obvious manifestation or a reflection of culture in a particular society. The current research has investigated issues related to the promotion of Shandoor Polo festival in District Chitral as an example of heritage sport tourism and enlisted factors that are responsible behind these issues. In order to achieve research objectives, researcher has opted for methodology which consist qualitative strategy, descriptive design, in depth interviews and purposive sampling. This study has identified numerous issues in promotion of Shandoor Polo festival as a heritage sport tourism, (1) Absence of civilian control over the festival (2) lack of proper funding for civilian Polo players (3) lack of proper publicity both in national and international level (4) and unnecessary public intervention in cultural game. There is considerably high demand for civil management and organization of the Festival. Thus, government should have to accommodate the demand of indigenous polo community for the provision of better freestyle polo culture in Upper Chitral. All these challenges can be removed if Shandoor festival is being unanimously organized by various stakeholders such as local community and local government. Supervisor:- Dr. Zulfiqar Ali

Meta Data

Supervisor: Zulfiqar Ali Kalhoro

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