Challenges of Girls’ Education: An Evidence from Local Government Areas of District Kech, Balochistan
Author: Asif Hameed

This research is designed to explore and analyze different challenges that girls are facing in the pursuit of their education in district Kech, Balochistan. In Balochistan, most towns and villages are largely untouched by the advancement of the modern age science and technology. These places are largely ignored and neglected by the central authorities. The main objectives of this study were to find out the socio-cultural factors due to which most girls are not attending schools besides figuring out the school-based factors and education supply issues which lead to dropout of most girls from school. Simply, the overall aim of this study was to identify and discuss the challenges of girls’ education in the study area. Descriptive research design was used to study the challenges of girls’ education in district Kech. Final sample size of this study concluded on 66. Collection of primary data was done via semi structured interviews and focus group discussions. Interviews were conducted from out of school-girls, parents and principal of girl’s school in four tehsil of the district Kech. Besides that, researcher managed to conduct interview with district education officials. The analysis of the data was done using thematic analysis, Transcription, Memo writing, Coding, characterizing themes and doing data verification were used to present qualitative data. The main findings from this study indicated that poverty, early marriages, son bias, social exclusion, lack of teaching staff and other supply of education issues was among the challenges that affect girls’ education. Others include retrogressive cultural practices, early child pregnancies, domestic duties and violence. To counter the above-mentioned challenges of girls’ education, it is recommended that economic factor “poverty” which is one of the major challenges should be addressed through economic empowerment. Practices like early marriage and pregnancies should be condemned while domestic chores of girls, cultural practices and school dropout should be minimized. Supervisor:- Dr. Muhammad Jehangir Khan

Meta Data

Supervisor: Muhammad Jehangir Khan

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