Investigating Moderating Role of Emotional Brand Attachment between Consumer Decision Making Styles and Impulsive Buying Behavior
Author: Sehrish Ashiq

Concept of consumer decision-making styles is very important for market positioning, expertise marketing strategies and for market segmentation. The principle of this study is to understand consumer decision-making styles as the background and consumer decision-making styles impact on impulsive buying. This research which is guided by impulse buying literature and “Organism Response model”, explores the relationship between consumer decision-making styles and impulse buying behavior through the moderating role of emotional brand attachment. Data collect from 400 customers in Islamabad for survey methodology. The convenient sampling technique is applied in this study and primary data is collected through adopted and adapted questionnaire for data analysis. Confirmatory factor analysis has been used to inspect the robustness of data. Result of this study shows that factors significantly effect on impulsive buying behavior are recreational shopping conscious, novelty and fashion conscious, price conscious, confused by over choice. Results related to moderation shows that emotional brand attachment strengthen the relationship of novelty and fashion conscious and price conscious with impulse buying while weaken the relationship of recreational shopping conscious and confused by over choice with impulse buying. This research work will valuable for marketing perspective and practitioners get inclusive knowledge by understanding impulse buying behavior and its determinants. Practical and theoretical implications are provided. Supervisor:- Dr. Hassan Rasool

Meta Data

Supervisor: Hassan Rasool

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