Improving The Composting Of Manure Materials From Farmlands: A Step Towards Climate Smart Agriculture In Pakistan
Author: Khizar Nazir

The agriculture sector is the backbone of Pakistan; it delivers a wide range of employment within the country and food security. According to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), arable land is 30.93 (million hectares). The farmers in our country are using 80-90 percent commercial fertilizers to cultivate their crops. The study has cleared path for us to understand how farmers might reduce their production costs by eliminating the use of commercial fertilizers through efficient animal manure management. Furthermore, the study encourages readers to learn how fertilizers imports may be decreased in the country, resulting in significant national savings. We would also like to know the government initiatives and policies related to organic farming through both secondary and primary data. Composting thorough (bio-fermenter) is a clever approach to transform manure into a useful resource, very limited scientific literature in detail is available on techniques for composting in small, medium, and large livestock farms. However, such a reality requires the identification of easy methods to apply to sustainable manure management. For this purpose, in-depth interviews of agricultural department experts and stakeholders, have been conducted for the cost-effectiveness of manure composting. The country has a lot of potential in the form of animal manure; estimated secondary data showed that tons of livestock manure are generated every year, but it isn’t used in the country. The primary data has been collected in the form of a structured and semi-structured questionnaire. Farmers’ awareness and understanding of new manure composting methods have been examined using the KAP survey method. Manure composting using (bio-fermenter) plant is a successful way to allow the farmers to turn manure into a product with profitable placement for the production of crops. Composting through (bio-fermenter) plants have several advantages, including the ability for farmers to produce their agricultural fertilizer and lower production costs, among other soil benefits. According to the results of cost-benefit analysis of collected data, crops growing under the bio-fermenter plants is tremendous potential for farmers to cut production costs while increasing output. Furthermore, research has revealed that these types of manure management methods should be widely used, particularly in organic agricultural systems. Supervisor:- Dr. Shujaat Farooq

Meta Data

Supervisor: Shujaat Farooq

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