Implications Of CPEC Energy Projects For Pakistan’s Power Sector And Policy
Author: Hamza Sadiq Khan

China-Pak Economic Corridor (CPEC) is one of the most consequential economic programs in the history of Pakistan. Within CPEC, energy projects constitute the lion’s share of investment. The study aims to analyze the impact of CPEC energy projects on Pakistan’s power sector and policy since its inception in 2015. The study uses data provided from different public sources to examine the implications for the power sector. In addition, it provides historical context by recounting previous energy policies of the Government, their outcome, and impact on the power sector of Pakistan in the past. There has been no comprehensive study, to the author’s knowledge, that has evaluated CPEC’s role in the power sector to date and how it has changed the power sector landscape in Pakistan. The study also uses interviews with eight energy sector experts to determine what effects CPEC energy investments have had on the existing and future power policy of Pakistan. The study concludes that while CPEC has positively contributed to the power sector of Pakistan, it has also brought along a slate of new challenges for the Government that need to be addressed to further advance the sector’s growth. Supervisor:- Mr. Omer Siddique Co-Supervisor:- Dr. Fatima Khushnud

Meta Data

Supervisor: Omer Siddique
Cosupervisor: Fatima Khushnud

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