Impact of Workplace Environment on Job Performance, Turnover Intention, And Employee’s Health with Moderating Effect of Job Satisfaction
Author: Muhammad Saad Babar

This study aims to investigate the effect of workplace environment’s factors towards employee’s health, turnover intentions and job performance. Data was collected through the survey method; total 240 employees were participated from telecom sector Islamabad, Pakistan. Based on the findings it shows that workplace environment towards the employees’ job performance, turnover intention, employee health and these factors has strong relationship with job satisfaction. Correlation and regression method used to calculate the impact of these variables along the moderating impact of job satisfaction which enhance the relationship between them. As questionnaire method is adopted. Supervisor:- Khurram Ellahi

Meta Data

Keywords : Employee Health, Job Performance, Job Satisfaction, Turnover Intention, Workplace Environment
Supervisor: Khurram Ellahi

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