Determinants of Social Performance of Microfinance Institutions in Pakistan
Author: Hina Yunus

The Determinants Of Social Performance Of Microfinance Institutions In Pakistan, Average Loan Size, Number Of Active Borrowers, And Operational Self-sufficiency Of Twenty Five Mfi’s Are Estimated For The Period; 2005 To 2012. The Pooled Ols Estimation Technique Is Applied. The Average Loan Size, Number Of Active Borrowers, And Operational Self-sufficiency Are Used For The Proxy Of Social Performance That Captures The Depth Of Outreach Breadth Of Outreach And Operational Self-sufficiency Respectively. The Explanatory Variables Which Are Used As Determinants Are; Mfi Age, Mfi Size, Portfolio At Risk > 30 Days, Average Cost, And Average Profit Are Used For The Determinants Of Social Performance. The Dummy Variable For The Non-profit Organization Is Also Used As Explanatory Variable. Pooled Ols Technique Is Used In Research. After Using The Above Indicators, Variables, And Techniques The Result Of This Research Directs That The Analyzing Breadth Of Outreach That When Mfi Are Profitable, Large Size, Mature, And Non-profit Organizations They Serve More Borrowers. The Findings Of Depth Of Outreach Indicates That When Firm Choses To Give Large Size Loan To Few Number Of Poor Then Average Cost Reduces And Mfi Generate More Profit. The Non-profit Mfis Do Not Choose To Give Large Size Loans. The Conclusion That Can Be Drawn From These Results That There Is Tradeoff Between Number Of Active Borrowers And Average Loan Size Meaning That Serving More Poor Leads To Giving Small Size Loans. The Results Of Operational Self-sufficiency Indicates That With More Profit And Less Operating Cost Mfis Can Become Operationally Self-sufficient. This Ensure That They Become Operational In The Long Run And Operational Self-sufficiency Ensures Expected Future Outreach. Supervisor:- Dr. Attiya Yasmin Javid

Meta Data

Keywords : Average Loan Size, Non-profit Organizations, Number of Active Borrowers, Operational Self-Sufficiency, Portfolio at Risk, Social Performance
Supervisor: Attiya Yasmin Javid

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