Impact of Social Institutions on Female Literacy: Evidence from District Layyah
Author: Muhammad Zahid

This research study aims at investigating and exploring social institutions and their impact on female education in District Layyah. Various social institutions that exist and persist in the study locale are discriminatory towards females and have negatively contributed to the developmental outcomes such as female education. Research questions of the study have been formulated and designed based on reviewing available literature. The methodology of the study is such that mixed research methods or both qualitative and quantitative research methods have been employed to achieve study objectives. For quantitative data questionnaire was administered for 170 units of data collection including illiterate females, parents, and girls who are studying and for qualitative data focused group discussions were chosen for teachers and head-teachers including 20 teachers. Different statistical techniques such as frequencies and percentages and detailed reports of focused group discussions have been used for data analysis. Findings of the study show that various social institutions that are discriminatory towards females, such as son-biasness, early marriages, household decision-making authority, physical integrity, civil liberties, and access and ownership of resources are deeply rooted in the study area and creating serious hindrance for female education Supervisor:- Dr. Karim Khan

Meta Data

Supervisor: Karim Khan

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