Impact Of Occupational Health And Safety On Workers Productivity Of Kohinoor Textile Mills, Rawalpindi
Author: Muhammad Usman Tauqeer

The research was carried out to examine the “Impact of occupational health and safety policies on employee’s performance in the Kohinoor textile Mills limited” and a case study approach was adopted for the study. The principle information accumulation instruments utilized were meetings and polls and also measurable devices, for example, Pearson connection was received to survey the relationship between interest in wellbeing and security and representative’s execution. The significance of administration for compelling wellbeing administration has been the center of examination consideration in industry for various years, particularly in vitality and fabricating divisions. In, next to no examination into authority and security has been done in restorative settings. A specific survey of the mechanical security writing for initiative examination with conceivable application in social insurance was embraced. Rising discoveries demonstrate the significance of participative, transformational styles for security execution at all levels of administration. Value-based styles with regard for checking and fortification of specialists’ wellbeing practices have been appeared to be powerful at the supervisory level. From the discoveries, it was inferred that associations need to give careful consideration to their wellbeing and security measures subsequent to separate from the way that in different purviews it is sponsored by law and is required, it is delegated a presence requirement for which other motivational elements intended to enhance representatives’ execution rotates. Supervisor: Khurram Ellahi

Meta Data

Keywords : Employee’s performance, Occupational health and safety
Supervisor: Khurram Ellahi

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