Impact Of Leader Charisma On Following Performance In NGO’s Islamabad, Pakistan
Author: Muhammad Hanif

The current study was carried out to find the impact of charismatic leadership on the follower performance. Empirical analysis were carried out and data was collected form 180 respondent belonging from different NGOs working in Islamabad. Regression analysis was carried out on the data using SPSS to find out the impact. Consistent with the theory of Robert J. House: Theory of charismatic leadership “The Motivational Effects of Charismatic Leadership: A Self-Concept Based Theory” the result of the Regression suggest that 74% change in follower performance is caused by charismatic leadership. Supervisors:- Mr. Tahir Masood

Meta Data

Keywords : Leader Charisma, Leadership and Management, Leadership Impact, NGO's, NGO's-Pakistan
Supervisor: Tahir Masood

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