A study of Loralai District
Author: Gullali Jogezai

Policy supported modernization of groundwater abstraction through tube wells have raised serious concerns about the sustainability of groundwater resources in Balochistan. Many experts believe that traditional technologies such as Karez were best suited to arid climate of the region and prescribe their revival. While there is generally good gesture about local interest in the revival of Karez, it is yet to establish the farmer’s serious motivation in this regard. This is particularly important since the socioeconomic and livelihood sources and technological scenario of the region has been rapidly changing since the last few decades. This research investigated the local enthusiasm towards the revival of Karez among the household using Karez. Four Karez from the Loralai District were purposively selected, comprising of two functional and two non-functional Karezes. Furthermore, randomly selected sample of 105 household were investigated through structured questionnaire and eight interviews were also conducted to have in depth knowledge of the issue. The result shows that tubewell didn’t help I the expansion of the agricultural land as it was perceived due to high electricity and maintenance cost. The expansion in the cultivated land was witnessed in the region where Karez is revived. People from the functional Karez region showed high enthusiasm towards Karez revival rehabilitation by contributing enormously financially led by strong leadership. On the other hand, people from the non functional region lacked finance, leadership and were comparatively less motivated. Even though the reliance on the tube well is at peak in all the household chores but respondents still claimed their struggle for Karez rehabilitation as their crop production was declining. The results, however, identifies the necessitates for the commencement of the Karez rehabilitation and also clears the curiosities for policy makers whether reviving Karez will be viable in the present state of the district, eventually improving the ground water resources, with the design and implementation of appropriate policies. Supervisor:- Dr. Junaid Alam Memon

Meta Data

Keywords : Balochistan, Enthusiasm, Karez, Revival, Tubewell
Supervisor: Junaid Alam Memon

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