Impact of Kolb’s Learning Styles on Transfer of Training: A Case Study of Banking Sector of Islamabad, Pakistan
Author: Wajiha Zainab Naqvi

The aim of this study is to recognize how Kolb’s learning styles: Assimilating, Accommodating, Diverging and Converging, influences the transfer of training in banking sectors of Islamabad, Pakistan. Ninety trainees from the five major banks i.e. HBL, Bank Alfalah, State Bank of Pakistan, Khushali Bank and Allied Bank participated in this research. Questionnaire was used as a data collection technique 0.86 items were used representing the five variables. Regression analysis was used to examine the impact of Kolb’s learning styles on transfer of training. The result approves that learning styles do have a positive impact on transfer of training. The results of the study indicate that all the four learning styles: Assimilating, Accommodating, Diverging and Converging have a positive relation with transfer of training and this study is with accordance the several other studies that prove that learning style have a positive impact on transfer of training. But learning style is not the only factor that boosts up the transfer rate; it should be integrated with other related factors to design an effective training design. And elements that create a barrier in the way of effective transfer should be eliminated. From the perspective of human resource development practitioners this study shows that while designing a training programme they should accommodate individual learning styles to improve the training and development interventions and to make training more effective. Supervisor:- Dr. Nadeem Ahmad Khan

Meta Data

Keywords : Banking Sector, Kolb’s Learning Styles, Training, Transfer
Supervisor: Nadeem Ahmed Khan

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