Application of Big Data Analysis in Recruitment and Training & Development
Author: Muhammad Junaid Kamal

The current study analyzes the application of big data analysis in recruitment and training and development in telecommunication sector of Pakistan. It sheds light on the implication of the use of big data analysis for devising evidence based decision in recruitment, training and development and other HRM issues. The present research was a qualitative study in order to get an in-depth understanding of the entire phenomenon. Data was collected in form of interviews from HR Managers working in four major telecom companies of Pakistan including Ufone, Mobilink, Zong, and Telenor. Thematic analysis was used to analyze interview data which led to emergence of two major themes entitled big data analysis in recruitment and big data analysis in training and development. First theme comprised of five sub themes including big data analysis in recruitment decision, big data analysis benefits in recruitment, need of big data analysis in future recruitment, increase in talent acquisition by big data, and big data challenges for recruitment. Second major theme comprised of four sub themes namely; usage of previous training and development records, determining training needs, contribution to the employee training process, as well as measuring the effectiveness of training models. It is further suggested that organizations should use big data with improved software to enhance their performance and get competitive edge over their competitors. Limitations of the study were also discussed. Supervisor:- Dr. Nadeem Ahmad Khan

Meta Data

Keywords : Big Data Analysis, Pakistan, Recruitment, Training & Development
Supervisor: Nadeem Ahmed Khan

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