Impact Of Infrastructure Development On The Green Belts Of Islamabad
Author: Tehmina Tahir

Conversion of open and green spaces into buildup environment to meet the needs of the growing urban population have not only degraded the natural environment but also disturbed the natural ecosystem. Many different urban planning policies emerged to integrate nature into urban areas. One of it is also the Green Belts. The purpose of the Green Belts is to prevent the expansion of the urban population and merging of urban and rural areas. In the Master Plan of Islamabad the capital of the Pakistan, Green Belts were left along with every service roads and highways. These Green Belts were left by the planners for future expansion of the roads and also that it will act as a barrier, by separating the residential areas and the roads. This study investigates the impacts of the infrastructure development of roads on the Green Belts of the Islamabad. This study examines this phenomenon with the following objectives such as what are the consequences of the construction of roads on the environment and natural habitats. Besides this it also explores that what are the experiences of the local people who are facing the effects of the construction of the roads and how political pressures are involved in the destruction or conversation of the Green Belts of Islamabad. This study uses qualitative method for data collection from the local people, environmental activists and CDA officials. For analysis of the data collected through the interviews framework analysis method has been used. The findings show that the construction of roads is effecting Green Belts negatively. Most of the local people and the environmental activists want that the planners and government must have to concentrate on the environmental friendly development or they have to look for the alternative ways of development such as providing public transport. There is also need to revise the fifty nine years old Master Plan because using Green Belts for widening of existing roads or for constructing new roads is not an effective way of development. Supervisor:- Dr. Zulfiqar Ali

Meta Data

Supervisor: Zulfiqar Ali Kalhoro

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