Impact Of Green Human Resource Management (GHRM) Practices On Employee Performance
Author: Adeena Mahrukh

This study aims to push for Green Human Resources practicing with a view to Pakistan, companies have been under pressure from customers to implement environmentally sustainable corporate strategies, where it is becoming important to recognize green practices that promote sustainability. While green human resource management has attracted considerable attention from researchers, studies relating to green activities remain minimal and are only evolving in the context of developed countries. Recent study has shown growing recognition in business communities. The importance of the problems of the environment. Grass Human Resources Management (GHRM) has been critical Management planning for companies and the Human Resources Department will lead an important part in the process. “Green.” This study tests an integrative model that integrates the direct impact of GHRM practices on GHRM practices. Employee efficiency and employee engagement in organizations. Supervisor:- Dr. Hasan Rasool

Meta Data

Supervisor: Hassan Rasool

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